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The Missionary Offering and focus for May is:  Teen Challenge Whitchester House Duns

Whitchester House was the first of two residential centres for men in Scotland. Formerly a Bible School, the building is well equipped to suit the needs of residents.  Originally led by Pastor Jay Fallon, the centre has been running to capacity.  There are 17 boys at present going through different stages of detox.  Some have started but have found it too difficult and given up.  A number of boys who have lived in Largs and the surrounding towns, like Joe and Tommy Rogers, have gone through the system and have had their lives wonderfully changed.  God is now using them to reach out to others.

Points for prayer:-

• Pray that the boys who have started the detox programme will finish and find Jesus as their Saviour.

• Pray for the staff team as they seek to encourage the boys in detox to finish the programme and not give up.

• Pray for the boys who have found Jesus as their Saviour and are looking for ways to help others and find employment

• Pray for the finance for the upkeep of the building and the work.


Out of AfricaKeep up to date with Ronnie & Margaret's Bible Translation work in Africa via their blog 'Out of Africa'.  Click the image to the right.

Teen Challenge BusOur dedicated team of volunteers meets every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm - 9.30pm to assist individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by addiction to drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.  The bus provides a relaxed and friendly place to talk, have a cuppa, a bite to eat and a chat.  Ultimately we aim to help individuals break the destructive cycle of addiction and get on the road to New life in Christ Jesus.  All are welcome.

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